Students team up to strike out Lymphoma

(KATV) Maumelle - A team comes together for a Maumelle teen who was diagnosed with cancer. Members of the Maumelle High School baseball team shaved their heads for their teammate, 15 year old Chad Cox.

Cox was diagnosed with Burkitts Lymphoma last month. When his friends and teammates heard the news, they wanted to do something to show their support.

Jacob Hollingsworth says, "Me and Mitch decided that anything he had to do, we wanted to go through with him. Because the chemo, we planned to shave our heads, to come closer together as a baseball team; not only that, but as a family."

Barrett Davis is the Maumelle High School baseball team coach. He says, "He's got so much support and the team really got behind him and the parents and it's just blown up."

Cox's friends say he can't leave his house or be around other people because his immune system has been damaged so badly.