Study: Arkansans pay second highest sales tax in the nation

As Arkansas shoppers scoop up Labor Day deals, they'll be paying one of the highest sales tax in the country.

A recent study revealed Arkansans pay the second highest sales tax in the country. But local businesses are coming up with creative ways to make up for it.

It's never fun when you buy something and see that you could have make a whole other purchase with what you paid in sales taxes.

A study from the Tax Foundation reveals our pockets are hit harder than any other state except for one. Arkansas placed second in the study with a combined state and local tax rate of 9.2 percent. The only other state to pay more are our neighbors in Tennessee with a combined rate of 9.4 percent. But local businesses are easing up that tax burden by paying it for you in some cases.

"It gives people a chance to get a little more back, save a little more than they would any other day," said Nick Bussell, manager at Hank's & More in Little Rock. "Most folks in a consumer driven economy like ours look for a chance to save a little extra, especially with the times we've had over the past several years."

The states with the lowest rates, from lowest to highest tax rates, are Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Wisconsin and Wyoming.