Ark. couple hits lottery twice in one weekend, win millions

STUTTGART (KATV) - They say you're more likely to get struck by lightning than win the lottery. Well this couple beat the odds twice and won big after a routine stop at a small town convenience store.

"I went into oblivion I mean I fell back in my chair my heart was beating a hundred miles and hour," said Stephen Weaver.

Complete shock, that's the way Stephen Weaver reacted when he found out he won one million dollars.

I scratched that thing and it said 'One Mil' and it didn't register with me because I was looking for something like 20 bucks or 100 bucks," said Stephen.

Stephen and his wife, Terri, have played the lottery for years. They've won before but nothing close to this amount.

"It finally dawned on me that it that it was one million dollars," said Stephen.

And as if winning a million wasn't already a shock the next day his wife bought another ticket and was pleasantly surprised

"She kind of looked up and said you're not going to believe this," said Stephen. His wife had just won $50,000. "I don't think I breathed for like minutes," said Terri Weaver.

Colby Shirley the owner of the store where the weavers bought the ticket says he never thought, not one, but two tickets would come out of this small town.

"It was just all surreal at first because I never thought we would have a big winner out of this store," said Colby Shirley, owner of T-Ricks in Pangburn.

The Weavers say they already talked about what they'll do with their money.

"They handed us our retirement," said Stephen. "It's invested which it is already for our retirement," he said.

And although{}one thing will be different, like this upcoming Valentine's Day{}with his wife of{}thirty-five years.

"This is going to be a memorable one," said Stephen.

He insists everything else will remain the same.

"I{}want move on and just leave everything like it was I don't want it to change me," said Stephen.

The Weavers said they are planning on using some of the money for a short vacation and will invest the rest.