Stuttgart Police say "social media lies" being told over 20 year-old's murder

(KATV)-Stuttgart Police held a press conference today to "set the record straight" after a slew of what they call "social media lies" about the police and prosecutor after a 17 year old was charged with murder of a Stuttgart man. Daniel Ruffin, 20, was shot Tuesday while walking his dog. He later died of his injuries.

"I called this today to set the record straight on how this investigation happened," said Asst. Police Chief Steven Bobo. Since the murder of Daniel Ruffin, police have received criticism from the community over why one 17 year-old was arrested for killing Ruffin, but two other teens witnessed to be with the suspect at the time were taken into custody for questioning and let go. "It's being ripped apart by certain citizens who are using this tragedy for personal or political gain and to express their vigilante views. They've done this through social media lies about the police prosecutor and the mayor," Bobo said. Stuttgart police said Friday that Arkansas State Police are now assisting in the investigation. "We did contact state police and ask them to conduct interviews because of certain people being involved in this case," Bobo said. Police would not give any more details about who those people involved in the case are, or what relationship might exist that the state police would need to be brought in. Ruffin's family says regardless of the investigation, they're still grieving. "There are four families affected in this. Not just us with the loss of daniel, but one boy is in jail, his family is hurting, the other two boys, with rumors i'm sure going around, that's going to hurt them, said Mandy Fortner, Ruffin's step-sister. Officials said once the state police finish their interviews, more information will come to light and possibly more charges could be filed.