7OYS: Substandard Subdivision

One cent of every gallon of gasoline you buy goes to fund city street improvements in Arkansas.Golf Links Road in Hot Springs, Springhill Road in Bryant and Hogan Road in Conway are all overlay projects that have been approved or at least requested. But we have a look at another Arkansas town's wish list.The city of Alexander has identified ten city streets, all in Ward 4, that are in need of improvement. But none of those streets are anywhere near the worst in town.We visited Alexander's St. Joseph's Glen subdivision over three years ago because residents in the final two phases were complaining about crumbling streets.Unfortunately, not much has changed. "I've been trying to sell my house since March," said Kendrick Seahorn. "No one wants to buy it because their number one concern is what's wrong with the streets and what is going to happen to them?"With close to 200 homes, St. Joseph's Glen is arguably the largest and nicest subdivision in Alexander. But while the city benefits from the taxes collected from the residents, it has never been willing to adopt and maintain the streets that serve those homeowners. The developer went out of business and the property owner's association patches things where it can, but several thousand dollars only goes so far. $250,000 has been requested to improve streets like Spruce, West Azalea, Holly and Rosewood.Seahorn said city leaders continue to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to Alexander citizens where the need is the greatest. "It's just not right," said Seahorn. "Something is not right up there. And it is very irresponsible for any of them up there to call themselves leaders or aldermen...and they call themselves representing the people because they are clearly not representing the homeowners here in St. Joseph's Glen subdivision."The money Alexander has requested for other city streets still needs to be reviewed and approved at both the state and federal level.Air date: August 12th, 2014