Sully Says: Mallett Bashing

Time for some more Mallett bashing. I want to start with the Liberty Bowl win . Ryan stunk it up. Blame it on the cold weather. It was miserable and so was Ryan.{} He was 15 of 36 for 202 yards and he was awful on big downs. The Hogs were 0 for 13 on third downs.{} What was more upsetting than the numbers ? Mallett accepted the MVP award. I was hoping he would turn it down and pass it on to a player who played a bigger role in the win... like the much maligned Alex Tejada.

Then there was a moment in a press conference following a Hog loss. Ryan didn't like a question that was asked, so he responded with one word.. "next"... Not a great move{} for a guy who was trying to work on his image.{}{} Throw in the publix intox charge back in March 2009, and that's my case against Ryan Mallett...

But if I had the choice in this case, I'd rather be the defense attorney than the prosecutor. I'm more worried about his slow feet than his ability to lead. This is a guy who was voted captain by his teammates before he ever took a snap in a regular season game(the first time that has ever happened at UofA){} Did he play with a swagger ? You bet !!!{} Did he make his teammates better ? Ask DJ Williams, Greg Childs, Knile Davis or Bobby Petrino.{} This may shock the Mallett haters, but his biggest strength at Arkansas may have been his ability to lead with confidence.{}{} What did you get with Ryan Mallett at quarterback ? An offense that you thought could score at anytime from anywhere on the field. Would I like to hang out with him off the field? Not really. Play with him? Absolutely.

In my opinion, Cam Newton is more of a risk than Ryan Mallett. I'm convinced Mallett's ultimate goal is to be a successful Pro Quarterback.{} As for Newton, I think he may be more interested in fame than football.{} What makes this quarterback class so interesting is that they all have issues.{} Newton(BIG EGO/Spread Offense), Gabbert(Spread Offense) , Mallett(SLOW), Ponder(Durability/Inconsistent) and Locker(Accuracy).{} Who would you take a chance on ?

I'm done hating. If I'm drafting a quarterback, I'm picking Mallett first.