Sully Says ( Back To Barton )

The High School State Finals should be the best of the best. {}The best players, teams, coaches and the best facilities. Some may view playing the 2013 basketball finals at Barton Coliseum as nostalgic. I find it a little nauseating .{}

It's an old arena which is located in a less than desirable section of the capitol city. {}I hope the Arkansas Activities Association did a site check before making this decision, because I've heard horror stories about the old Barton. {}They could be losing the State Fair, but gaining the State Finals. I just don't understand. {}

The games should be played at the premier facility in Central Arkansas, Verizon Arena. {}The self proclaimed crown jewel {}in the development of the downtown area is publicly owned, but I've never heard the arena described as community friendly. This shouldn't be all about money for the arena or the Activities Association.

Why is a tourney that appears to be so successful for the Summit arena and the city of Hot Springs not attractive to Verizon Arena ? {}I can't answer that question. They are passing up a chance to showcase their facility and a more vibrant downtown area to fans from all corners of the state. {}It's also an opportunity to be a good community partner.{}

I'm disappointed in the Arkansas Activities Association and Verizon Arena for not giving everyone involved what they deserve... the best championship weekend possible.{}