Sully Says: Big 50 for Baz

It was a classic Baz moment.

It's the Thursday before the Hogs game at Rutgers, and Baz has promised to deliver a one minute segment from New York for our 10 pm newscast.

{}He knocked it out of the park !!!!{}

There he was in the middle of Times Square surrounded by hundreds of New Yorkers calling the Hogs. "Woo, pig, sooie... Razorbacks", Baz belted it out. The reaction by those watching was priceless. {}It was one of those "moments" that make a newscast.

Everything about Baz is big. {}{}

Have you ever seen his couch ? {}Have you ever tried to lift the Broyles Award trophy ? Have you ever heard him laugh during the "Show with No Name " ? {}Big, bigger and biggest !!!!

Baz has pedaled faster this year, than any other year in his professional life.

{}Let's start with the Little Rock Touchdown club. {}Baz added three new awards and assembled the best line up of speakers in club history. Bret Bielema, Cliff Harris and the Cowboys and Dan Hampton . Three of the best meetings in club history, back to back to back.

{}He's also working six or six and half day weeks this fall. {}This season, Baz committed to following the Hogs from game one to the final game of the season. {}His coverage begins every Friday at 6 am ,wherever the Hogs are playing ,and {}it ends on the late show Saturday night on KATV.

{}Baz has been my go to guy for more than 20 years. {}

{}When I decided to do a weekly fitness segment , Baz suggested a guy who was running a new gym. {} Jeff Lawrence is now in year 17 as my fitness guru.

Two weeks before we were scheduled to start a new late night sports show, "Sportsweek", one of our hosts , Patrick Williams, left for a new job in Texas. {}Baz suggested that we go with his insurance man, Bruce James. {}"Sportsweek" became Arkansas' highest rated TV sports show. {}Bruce and Baz are now in their 15th year providing Hog analysis for Channel 7.

Baz also provided me with an intern. {}Baz' intern, Chris Kane, became a three year helper in the KATV sports department. {}These days, you can find Chris anchoring our " Daybreak" show. He's a great, young talent who has become a great friend.{}

Let's hope Baz' 50th year is a year to remember for this former Razorback captain. I'm hoping it includes one big honor. {}

Baz has done more than enough to earn a spot in the Arkansas Sports Hall Of Fame.