Sully Says: Call Bobby

I think it's time to call Bobby. There is no way the Hogs can out man or out muscle the top ranked Crimson Tide Saturday , but Alabama can be out schemed . {}{}

Let's go back to Saturday, September 25th, 2010. {}Nick Saban brought his top ranked Crimson Tide to Fayetteville to face Bobby Petrino's 10th ranked Hogs. Saban and his right hand man, Kirby Smart, almost lost their defensive genius cards on that Saturday.

The Hogs got the ball first . They had it for all of 50 seconds. They ran two plays. Ryan Mallett opened the game by hitting a wide open Jarius Wright for 31 yards. {}Play number two was a Petrino favorite, the wheel route to Ronnie Wingo. {}It went for 43 yards and a Hog touchdown. Just like that, the Hogs were up 7-0.

For one half, the Bama D was clueless. {}They gave up big play after big play. {} 13 yards, 18 yards, 43 yards, 31 yards, 12 yards and 20 yards. {}{}{}The Hogs went to the halftime break up 17-7. {} That half wasn't about the "Jimmy and the Joes", it was all about the "X's and O's". It {}was "Bobby Ball" at it's best.

I don't want Bobby back. I just want his help for one game . He owes Arkansas, the team, it's administration {}and the fans. {}Get on the phone with brother Paul and figure out a way to feed the studs on Saturday. {}It's a win-win situation. {}He can help his Hogs ( he recruited this team) do something they never did in the Petrino era, beat Bama, and we get the satisfaction of going from the outhouse to the penthouse in one week.

As I write this, I have no idea if Tyler Wilson will play this Saturday. I can't remember a Hog I admire more than this former Landers Award winner. {}Tyler owes Bama . {}Last year in Tuscaloosa, the Tide didn't just beat Arkansas, they also beat up Tyler Wilson. {}Under the most adverse conditions, Tyler still managed to complete 22 of 35 passes for 185 yards.{}

If we still aired the Sunday night sports show " Sportsweek" , former Razorback great, Bruce James, would have a simple message for the offensive line. {}It would be something like " man up" {}and protect the franchise. {}Hold, tug, bite .. do whatever you have to do to keep Bama defenders off the undisputed leader of this team.{}

Tyler Wilson, Knile Davis, Chris Gragg , Cobi Hamilton and Dennis Johnson. The Hogs have enough studs to give Bama fits. {}It's up to Paul Petrino or Paul and Bobby to devise a way to carve up a defense that has allowed only a total of only 14 points in the first two games.{}

One more time, I want to make it crystal clear. I don't want Bobby back. {}I just want his help for one game. {}Next year , I hope I'm writing about the way the Hogs attacked the Bama D on Saturday, September 15th.