Sully Says ( Graduation or Title game ? )

From time to time, the news world collides with the sports world, and it's usually not a good thing. {}In football crazed Carlisle, it's graduation vs. the 2A Baseball State Title game. {}Both events are scheduled for Saturday night.{}

The six seniors were given the option, walk with your senior class or walk onto the turf at Baum stadium. {}For this 52-year-old , ex-shortstop (all glove, no bat), it's a no brainer... Play Ball!!!! It's a decision Tommy Inman shouldn't have to make.{}

Before tonight's story by Janelle Lilly on Channel 7, I knew very little about Tommy Inman. It's now 12:21 am (watching NBA post game show), and I'm a big fan of Carlisle's senior pitcher/outfielder. If the information I discovered on my Google search is correct, Tommy Inman is a 400 hitter. He's also the valedictorian of Carlisle's senior class.{}

What did Tommy have to say about the dilemma? "It really comes down to putting others first in this situation. I feel like this valedictorian ceremony and graduation would be you know, honoring myself whereas baseball is bringing honor my town, the players and coaches. They've always been there for me. I'll go out and play for them," said Inman. Carlisle is lucky to have Tommy Inman and Beth Hunt. {} {}

Tommy Inman should walk at graduation and needs to walk to the plate at Baum stadium. {}It shouldn't be an either or call for a young man who has represented the school and his community in a first class way. {}

I've always been a huge fan of small town sports. The lower the classification, the more it seems to matter to the community. I've watched Carlisle in state title football games and it's been all in, all the time.

What did Beth say in her hometown segment Monday night ? {}I thought she said that the motto in Carlisle is always "Go Bison, Go. " Not sometimes, always. {}I can't cheer this decision.