Sully Says ( New Look For Hogs)

The news was so big that it had to be wrapped up in a 15 minute Hog infomercial available only at {}If you were like me, you were saying enough after 3 or 4 minutes, save the Hog history lesson for another time, we want to see the new uniforms.{}

I may be wrong, but if Bobby Petrino was still here, I think they would have unveiled a black uniform on Wednesday. {}The leaders of the black uniform movement will have to settle for anthracite gray ( charcoal gray). The gray unis have some red in them, but they are a long way from the traditional cardinal and white look.

As of about 3 pm on unveiling day, Athletic Director,Jeff Long ,thought it was about 75 percent for the new look and 25 percent against the changes. Count me in the 75 percent. I'm not wild about the white helmets, but I can't wait to see the hoopla when the Hogs hit the turf in those new gray uniforms. {}Keep in mind, I'm the guy who dyed my hair red last season, and just bought a pair of bright blue running shoes. I'm also a huge Tyler Wilson fan, and if Tyler likes them... I like them.{}

Change is never easy. {}I remember how disappointed I was when the Travelers left old Ray Winder field. {}It only took one day at Dickey-Stephens Park to make me wonder what took the Travs so long to move. {}Only time will tell how fans will respond to the new uniforms. {}Lose a big game in those gray uniforms and we may not see them for another season.

Why make uniform changes ? The same reason they're building a new 35 or 40 million dollar football center that features a parking garage underneath the practice fields. They want to have the " wow" factor when it comes to every facet of the program including the uniforms.

Now the guessing game begins. When will the Hogs wear the grays ? {}How about those white helmets ? {}Tweet your preference to Jeff Long. {}He listens and wants to please the fanbase. The happier the fans, the more jerseys they sell. {} Which one would you buy ? {}I want to see the Hogs in gray, but I think I {}would opt for the White.

What a day, Scott Inman and I, spent over two minutes on the 5 pm news talking about uniforms. {}{}