Sully Says: Hall of Fame thoughts

Next Saturday, I will be inducted into the Arkansas Sportscasters and Sportswriters Hall of Fame. More on this surprising honor after I share my thoughts on my wish list for the Hall of Fame.

Being inducted into the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame is the highest honor an Arkansas sports figure can receive. I don't know when the Class of 2013 will be announced but I'm hoping it includes David Bazzel, Basil Shabazz, Don Campbell and Bennie Fuller.

Let's start with Baz. What more can Baz do? This former Razorback captain has hit home run after home run. Let's start with the Broyles Award: a national award that is handed out every year in Little Rock. It's the biggest honor an assistant coach can receive - and what a tremendous salute to Coach Broyles.

Baz is also the front man for the Little Rock Touchdown Club. A "who's who" of current and former coaches, commentators and journalists have made Mondays during the fall more enjoyable for hundreds of football fans. It's also put Little Rock on the map of southern cities with significant TD clubs.

Baz is also the man behind the "Battle for the Golden Boot." Induct Baz and Tusk will probably show up for the event. He should be a slam dunk choice.

If the Hall of Fame is supposed to reward superior achievement by an Arkansas coach or athlete, then Basil Shabazz should be in the Hall. Shabazz wasn't just a great high school athlete, the "great" Shabazz was the greatest all around athlete this state has ever produced.

Shabazz still holds a couple of state track records and his five touchdown performance against a highly touted Texarkana defense in the 5A state title game is regarded by many as the best performance in a state championship game. Induct Shabazz and Torii Hunter will be there.

Don Campbell isn't Coach Campbell. Don Campbell is "The General."

Corning, Sheridan and Wynne; Campbell won games and touched lives at every stop. 31 years as a high school coach and 257 wins. I can't think of a better ambassador for high school football in the state. Induct "The General" and fans from three Arkansas communities will celebrate.

Some have called Bennie Fuller the "Wilt Chamberlain" of the deaf community.

Fuller is the all-time leading scorer in Arkansas boys high school basketball history and fourth on the national list. He scored almost 5,000 points in his career at the Arkansas School for the Deaf.

When they talk about the all-time basketball greats in Arkansas, the discussion always includes Bennie Fuller. {}Induct Bennie and the entire deaf community will celebrate.

I think I got into the Arkansas Sportscasters Hall Of Fame with 29 percent of the vote. Some may be bothered by that low percentage. Not me. I'm humbled that even one of my peers thought I was deserving of this honor.

I do know when considering Hall of Fame credentials, I'm a distant fifth on this list. It's my hope that Bazzel, Shabazz, Campbell and Fuller will be Hall of Famers soon.

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