Sully Says ( I Like These Hogs)

{} Their two biggest wins of the season are a 1-0 win over Baylor, and a 2-1 win over South Carolina. {}Some say it's small ball. I say it's Hogball !!!

{} These 2012 Razorbacks aren't big hitters or big talkers. Spend some time in the locker room, {}and you'll see that the second string catcher is as comfortable as the second round major league draft pick. There's a lot to like about these Hogs, from the way they play the game , to the way they handle themselves.{}

It all starts with pitching, and the Hogs are the best armed team in College Baseball, just ask Baylor or South Carolina. {}Baxendale, Stanek, Fant, Astin, Moore, Suggs, Sanburn and Daniel. All eight have played a role in this special post season run.

Hogball is doing the little things right. {}Tim Carver led off the South Carolina game with a single and Dominic Ficociello knocked him in with a laser shot into the gap in left center, but it was a perfectly executed bunt by Jacob Mahan that put Carver in scoring position. {}Move to the bottom of the first, South Carolina is threatening, they have two runners on with two outs. {}Ryne Stanek fields a bouncer in front of the plate, and delivers a perfect throw to first . If he rushes that throw, the ball {}ends up in right field, and the lead {}is history. {}The little things.

South Carolina has a runner 90 feet away from home plate, speedy Tanner English lays a bunt down the first base line. {}If he lays that same bunt down against just about any other team in College Baseball, he would end up on first base. Not against Arkansas. {}Dominic Ficociello scooped the ball and made the tag in the same motion, end of threat. {}If they gave out Gold Gloves for College players, Dominic would get one or two. The little things.

Matt Vinson struck again in game 2, another big rbi hit, a single in the fourth inning scoring Brian Anderson to give the Hogs a 2-0 lead. {}The freshman Anderson fell behind 0 and 2, then worked his way on base with a walk. {}The little things. {}

When asked about this College World Series experience, these Razorbacks use words like "lucky and blessed ". During my three days in Omaha , I {}was called Mr. Sullivan ( I'm getting old) and thanked for doing an interview. They are fun to watch and a pleasure to cover.{}

Earlier this season, I remember Coach Van Horn talking about the player/coach relationship. There has to be that line. {}No Hog player will be friends with Coach until he earns former Hog status. {}He went on to say that it's been more difficult with this team, because he has so many good guys on this team.{}

I like these Hogs !!!