Sully Says: John L's time to lead

{}John L. Smith was given the keys to what we thought was a super charged Ferrari, but it came with one condition: you can't drive it. {}You can ride in the backseat as your top notch coordinators navigate us through the SEC schedule. No backseat driving allowed!!!{} Just enjoy the ride.

This was a recipe for disaster.

Jeff Long said Smith would "unify the staff, the team and the Razorback fan base."{}{}Two weeks into the season, the fan base is split in a hundred directions. No one is safe. {}John L., Jeff Long, Paul Haynes and Paul Petrino have all been under attack. Getting outplayed on both sides of the ball on one of your home fields by a 30-point underdog will do that to a program.

We learned last Saturday in a crisis situation that this team has only one real leader, and that's Tyler Wilson. {}That's sad. {}Former Razorback star Clint Stoerner put it best when he said that Tyler is much more than an All-SEC quarterback.

Clint says Tyler is also the undisputed leader of this 2012 Razorback team, both on and off the field, in and out of the lockeroom. {}This team and game was lost when Tyler was unable to answer the bell in the second half Saturday.

The Hogs are only two weeks into the 2012 season. {}There's still time to find more leaders. The Sportsweek guys, Bruce James and David Bazzel, believe this defense will be headed in the right direction when someone steps up and assumes a leadership role.{}{}Arkansas has a great history of defensive leaders.{}Guys like Steve Atwater, Kenoy Kennedy, Jake Bequette, Caleb Miller...{}{}Do they have that guy? {}Only time will tell.

Here's a crazy idea: let John L. take a shot at leading on the sideline.{}If you've watched the sideline in the first two games, it's been hard not to notice a lack of leadership{}

John L. Smith is a proven leader -- Idaho, Utah St and Louisville; he had success as a head coach at all three schools. {}I'm not advocating that John L. start drawing up plays on the sideline. I just want him to be allowed to lead on the field, or at least look like a leader. Let him sit in the drivers seat.{}I have to believe that if allowed, John L. might have suggested a less aggressive offensive approach in the fourth quarter last Saturday.

We are almost five months into this 10-month experiment and it's not working. {}Top-ranked Alabama is just a few days away and we're searching for answers.{}

Come Saturday, I'd love to see John L. lead the Hogs to a shocking victory!