Sully Says: Les Miles... End the madness!!!!

This was supposed to be different. {}

Jeff Long has had EIGHT months to find the perfect coach to lead his Hogs. Most AD's only have about 2-3 weeks to find a new coach. Our athletic director, who has a coaching rolodex in his head, was going to carefully examine the resumes, lives and salaries of the best coaches in the universe and then, when the season ended, he was going to strike like a cobra and the Hogs would have their new leader. Jeff Long was going to show AD's all over the country how a search was done.

It was supposed to be a drama-free search. How bad have things gotten? People are laughing at us again. Look at this gem from Clay Travis of "Arkansas is like the drunk, rich, old guy at strip club closing time. This will not end well for them. But it's wonderfully fun to watch."

I don't know the exact order of reported targets, but it's gone something like this: Gary Patterson to Jon Gruden to Chris Petersen to... Les Miles? Most Hog fans would consider Jon Gruden a grand slam hire. Most would say that going after Gruden is proof that Arkansas is swinging for the fences. I'd say most fans would label Petersen and Patterson as home run hires due to their success at Boise St. and TCU.

Then there's Miles!!!

The guy who once referred to our state as Ar-Kansas. His record shows he's a great college football coach, but do we want him to be OUR coach? I'd say an overwhelming majority of Hog fans would say a resounding "No" to Les Miles. If Hog fans were allowed to use a steal of another coach in the SEC, I don't think the "Mad Hatter" would even be in the top five.

Say it ain't so, Jeff.

According to an unnamed source, Five years, $27.5 million IF that's true, Arkansas is prepared to make Les Miles the highest paid coach in college football. I may be in the minority, but IF this report is accurate, I'd say Arkansas is desperate. It looks like they swung and missed with Gruden, Patterson and Peterson and they are making a wild pitch at Miles to make sure everyone knows they are willing to pay top dollar for a new coach.

I know hiring a big-time coach isn't easy. These coaches usually fall into two categories: those who are looking to move up and those who are out to improve their current situation. I'm somewhere between amused and disgusted with some of the responses I hear from coaches about potential job opportunities. "It's just rumors," "I'm focused on this week's game and that's all I'm concerned about," or "no comment." It would be nice hear a coach say, "I'm not interested in that job. I'm happy where I am." That coach's agent would probably freak out.

I still can't believe that we are talking about Les Miles. Please end the madness.