Sully Says: So Sad

It must have been a mistake.

Brandon Mitchell moved from quarterback to wide receiver on back-to-back plays in the first quarter against top-ranked Alabama. The same Brandon Mitchell who was so important to the football team that Bobby Petrino let him spend the spring with the basketball team.

More proof that crazy things are happening on the hill.

Mitchell was my MVP in the 52-0 loss. Sure, he made mistakes but he didn't back down to Bama. "Number 17," as Bama called him, made one of the few "big boy" plays for the Hogs. It was third and four in the first quarter, Brandon Allen hit Mitchell shy of the first down marker and the QB/WR muscled his way for a first down.

52 -0 is a shock but seeing Bama outmuscle the Hogs was no surprise. Petrino against Saban is finesse against power. The scoreboard now reads Power 5, Finesse 0.

I don't know if Bama is as good as the Hogs made them look but I have a feeling they will steamroll the majority of their SEC opponents.

My greatest fear is that the Hogs have not hit rock bottom. What if this offense still struggles when Tyler returns to the lineup? Nick Saban doesn't see that happening. I hope he was not just making a depressed fan base feel better when he said, "I know once Arkansas gets Tyler Wilson back they'll be up there with the top in the nation."

Tyler has gone all in. When he stepped to the mic and let Razorback nation know exactly how he felt about the worst two weeks of his career, he crossed a very fine line. He went public with things that are normally reserved for the locker room. He said the kind of a stuff that can divide a team but I believe most will just take it as "Tyler being Tyler."

Shortly after his head coach told the media that pointing fingers was the coward's way out, Tyler unloaded.

"Obviously that wasn't pretty to watch....Sucks [that] I couldn't be out there to do something about it. Do I feel that we, at times, gave up out there? Yeah, absolutely."

Strong stuff from a frustrated leader.

Tyler has reached Jimmy Chitwood status ("Hoosiers" reference) with Hog fans. If he stood up and said Arkansas needed to get rid of John L. Smith, Coach would be gone tomorrow. I don't see that happening but I'm not ruling anything out considering what's gone on the last six months.

I may be the only one in the state who is still rooting for John L. Smith. Saturday was not a good day for Coach. The pre-game charade with Tyler had many Hog fans thinking that their All-SEC quarterback may actually play.

Then there were those halftime remarks. Those comments made "SportsCenter." That's not a good thing when you lose 52-0. He was also the guy who made the decision to change deep snappers.

How do I feel? More sad than mad.