Sunburn Relief Recipes, 6/21/12

      Dee Dee Helbig

      Avav Bella Day Spa


      Recipes to give your skin some relief from sunburns and heat


      {}Lavender and Chamomile Ice Cubes

      1 chamomile tea bag

      1 Tablespoon dry lavender

      3 cups of water


      take 3 cups{}of boiling water and steep the contents in the tea bag and the lavender

      strain and pour into ice cube trays

      when you have a burn or inflamed skin- rub these cubes over the areas


      After rubbing the ice cubes- it's best to follow with a


      {}Milk and Honey Recovery Mask

      1/2 cup rolled oats

      1 tablespoon of milk

      1 tablespoon of honey


      mix all ingredients together in a small bowl

      apply to face, neck , and chest area.

      Remove after 10 minutes. Apply hydrating moisturizer