Surprise Birth While Family Vacations in Alabama

An Arkansas family set off for some fun in the sun and maybe a little relaxation in orange beach, Alabama. But they got a big surprise while there, a new baby. But with the generosity of both Floridians and folks right here in Arkansas both mom and baby are back home safe.

The Rupp's were on a summer vacation on the sandy beaches of Alabama. Krysta was 31-weeks pregnant with the family's third child. Nine weeks early and 45 minutes away from the nearest suitable hospital. Baby Emily decides she's ready to join the family.

Nick Rupp said "I put my wife in the car and we hauled to Pensacola."

After spending almost four weeks in a Florida hospital, Nick Rupp now had to consider a plan to get his family home. One phone call and he truly realized the benefits of an Arkansas treasure.

Rupp says, "The day before we came home I got a call from the staff here at Children's Hospital angel one staff saying Mr. Rupp I understand we are coming to get you guys and I went what? What are you doing? and uh She said yea we got this worked out here. We're supposed to come to Pensacola and pick your wife and baby up and bring them back home and I thought this is spectacular, I can't even believe this."

Within 24 hours of that call, and with help and generosity spanning two states Nick, Krysta and baby Emily hopped on Children's Hospitals fixed wing plane and is now back home.

Rupp says, "This journey where we left Arkansas to go on vacation and came back with a child has been massively amazing."

The family arrived in Little Rock on Thursday which was also Nick and Krysta's 10th Anniversary. Baby Emily is doing well in children's hospital.

Donations are being accepted in the family's name at any ARVEST location.