Suspect identified in NLR officer involved shooting

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) Channel Seven is learning moreabout the man shot and killed by North Little Rock police Wednesday. He has a criminalhistory of disorderly conduct and aggravated assault.

The suspect, Robert Storay, wason a city bus and reportedly attacked the officer who responded to the 911call. The officer shot Storay, killing him.

The suspect's ex-wife did notwant to talk on camera but said they were still together and she can't believehe is dead over a fight with a cane.{}

Wednesday, someone on the city bus called 911 about passenger, RobertStoray, 52.

Sgt. Brian Dedrick says, "He was either threatening people with acane verbally of physically."

One officer was the first on the scene,boarded the bus and had Storay exit with him. "The altercation startedwhen they got off the bus." Sgt. Dedrick says, when the officer wasstruck, he thought his arm was broken and then fired his gun. "The cane had abrass ball at the end of it that is very much considered a deadly weapon."

Sgt. Dedrick says details about how many shots werefired or where Storay was hit, will be released after all witnesses areinterviewed. He says, "There were 20 to 25 individuals on the bus."

Channel Seven obtained arrestreports on Storay, dating back to 2003. An order of protection was issued againsthim last month. The person wrote, "Robert Storay is under the influence ofsome strong drugs and is belligerent and hostile. He flips over the coffeetable and walks down the street naked."

In February, Little Rock policewere called to a liquor store because Storay was reportedly yelling he wantedto die and threatening others. Officers say they could not hold him down, thetaser had no effect and they had to pepper spray him to make an arrest.

"Basically we try to findevery bit of information we can, any time something like this happens becauseultimately that whole case along with our information goes to the ProsecutingAttorney for review." Sgt. Dedrick explains.

The officer who shot Storay hasnot been interviewed because he has been hospitalized. His arm is bruised, not broken.His name will be released Friday.

A toxicology report on Robert Storaywill be available in a few weeks.

In 2011, Storay fileda lawsuit against the City of Little Rock on three officers. The case wasdismissed.


Wednesday, Central Arkansas Transit released as statement saying:

CAT is working closely with the North Little Rock Police Department during the investigation of today's incident. This is an unfortunate matter that CAT takes seriously. Safety of our employees and passengers remains our top priority as we continue to provide our community with safe, reliable and convenient transportation.