Suspect shot by Jacksonville police dies at area hospital

JACKSONVILLE (KATV) - Jacksonville police expecting to arrest a man for not complying with a No Contact Order are now on paid administrative leave for killing the suspect. The officer involved shooting happened at a home near Jacksonville High School on Madden Road before 9 am.

Channel Seven has learned the domestic dispute was between the female homeowner, Laura Phillips and her estranged husband, 64 year old Michael Goodman who legally was not supposed to be at the home.

Friday morning, neighbors were stunned to drive by the crime scene tape surrounding 1709 Madden Road. They would not comment on camera but tell Channel Seven the people who live here are a well liked, loving family.

But what they might not know is behind closed doors, there have been domestic disputes that have escalated to Jacksonville officers being called to the home. Phillips has recently been treated for broken bones after allegedly being grabbed by her hair and thrown on the tile in the couple's home. She now has a cast on each arm.

Most recently on June 1, Michael Goodman was arrested for terroristic threatening and second degree domestic battery. He allegedly verbally threatened to shot his wife and was arrested at gun point.

Goodman's wife, requested a No Contact Order two days later on June 3.

On June 24, Goodman contacted Phillips, violating the order.

Just four days later, on June 28, Goodman showed up at the home. When officers arrived to arrest him for not complying for a second time, he reportedly refused and pulled a knife on the officers.

Goodman was shot in the upper body and later died at a local hospital.

Captain Kenny Boyd adds, "There were two females in the house. No one else was injured or harmed."

No law enforcement agency will be assisting Jacksonville police with this investigation. Captain Boyd explains, "We are equipped to handle the investigation internally and criminally and both are going on at this time."

The names of the officers involved in the shooting have not been released. They are both on paid administrative leave, pending the outcome of the investigation.

The last officer involved shooting in Jacksonville was in 2008.

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