Suspected ID thief ID'd


We now know the identity of an identity thief who cost one Arkansas man a month of freedom and a lot of grief.

One week ago we still didn't know the man's name.

But last week we profiled the unfortunate situations of four Little Rock men...jailed because of identity theft.

And we showed you the mug shot of one of the suspects responsible. He was arrested for cashing a phony check in Harrison and told police he was Deldrick Withers.

A viewer emailed us the man's real identity...and provided a photo to help prove the information was accurate.

He is Douglas Withers...and of no relation to Deldrick Withers.

"To know that someone who has victimized you and has caused you a lot of harm as far as just having my identity stolen," says Withers. "Being in does give me some peace of mind."

Douglas Withers is in a Missouri prison...and has been there since July of 2012...two months after Deldrick's one month in jail.

Douglas Withers got ten years after admitting to multiple felony crimes...including forgery and beating his ex-wife.

Unfortunately for Deldrick Withers it appears that more than one identity thief has a copy of his I.D.

"I did have one issue with a warrant to come up in Mississippi," recalls Withers about an incident last summer. "But the Attorney General's office they were right on top of it and they were able to look it up and get that issue resolved for me."

Deldrick is a big believer in the identity theft passport offered by the Attorney General.

It lists him in national databases as a victim rather than a suspect and now clears up a lot of trouble before it starts.

Air date: February 18th, 2014