Suspected rapist tracked down in Pine Bluff, more arrest made

March 18


PINE BLUFF (KATV) - Wednesday, Rodrick and CarolynAdway had their first appearance in court. Detective Jerry Lambert told thejudge, Pine Bluff police have been following leads on 36-year old Rodrick Adwayfor 3-months. They found him Tuesday by simply tailing his wife.

Det. Lambert explains, "On threeseveral occasions, she was questioned in references to his whereabouts. Eachtime, she denied having any knowledge of his whereabouts or how to get incontact with him."

Carolyn Adway was in the housewith her husband when the search warrant was issued. She has been charged withhindering apprehension.

Rodrick Adaway violated parole,that's why the U.S. Marshal Service joined the search efforts. Adway has beencharged with raping a mentally challenged person. He's being held on a $50,000 cashonly bond.



(KATV) A Pine Bluff fugitive, on the run since January, is now in custody. Police say it appears Rodrick Adway, 36, never left the city. He is{}accused of raping a mentally challenged person.

January: Man wanted for Pine Bluff rape

At the request of the Pine Bluff Police Department and the Arkansas Community Correction, the U.S. Marshals Service got involved. They were also looking for Adway for federal charges.

During the arrest, a Pine Bluff officer screamed, "Shut that traffic down."

Tips from confidential informants lead law enforcement to a home at the 1700 block of Poplar in Pine Bluff.

Officer Richard Wegner says, "He has eluded us for quite some time until this afternoon."

Rodrick Adway is accused of raping a mentally disabled 21-year old man on January 6th. The victim told police he was sexual attacked on at least three occasions.

Phillip Reed Jr., who has been on the list of Jefferson County's Most Wanted Felons was also in the home and put in handcuffs. Officer Wegner explains, "Adway and Reed were both wanted for parole violations. That is what lead the U.S. Marshals to already be looking for them. Adway was arrested for both, our local charges and for federal charges and has been booked into the jail."

A deputy with the U.S. Marshals says Rodrick Adway's wife, Carolyn was taken into custody and will likely be charged with hindering apprehension. On several occasions she told police she didn't know where her husband was, but she was in the house with him Tuesday.

The fourth person arrested, Sheena Pitts is being held on several felony charges, unrelated to the rape case.

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