Police chase suspects through Saline Co. after attempted burglary

SALINE COUNTY (KATV) - Three men are in jail tonight after an attempted burglary and a lengthy police chase, where the suspects rammed a police car, and an officer fired at the suspects.

The three men drove up to the door of a Bryant business and after wiggling the knob they broke in. But much to their surprise they weren't the only ones in the building.

"When it was happening I thought I was fixing to die," said Kevin Mail, an employee at Fence Brokers Inc.

It was around four o'clock in the morning when Mail heard something at the door. He wasn't expecting anyone.

"I was in there filling out my log book and I hear somebody messing with the door and then all of a sudden I see the door just fly open," he said.

Two men burst in. Both Mail and the suspects were shocked to see each other.

"I asked him, 'What are you doing?" and the guy turns around and runs over the little guy and heads off and gets in the truck," said Mail. "It was pretty comical then because the little guy fell three times trying to get in the truck to leave so I couldn't help but laugh while I was dialing 911."

A county deputy spotted the car off the Alcoa Rd. overpass and chased them down. Two of the suspects fled on foot after the vehicles slammed into each other and shots were fired by the officer. The chase continued all the way down to the Sevier overpass in Benton. Police say that's where the third suspect fled on foot. The men, all from Texas, were on the run until around three Wednesday afternoon.

"In our line of work the potential is always there for something like this to happen," said Lt. Scottie Courtney, of the Saline Co. Sheriff's Office. "How often does this actually occur? not that often."

But Mail says it was enough to make him grateful to be alive.

"Not a tough guy, just trying to make it home to my wife and kids," he said.

Each of the suspects are facing two charges of Commercial Burglary and Fleeing.