Suspicious Circumstances

Not every tip called into our Seven-On-Your-Side office turns out to be as nefarious as it seems.

Often there is a simple explanation for what appears to be an obvious misdeed.

There is a verse in Proverbs that says the first to plead his case seems right, until another comes and examines him.

That sums up what happened with a complaint we received Friday morning.

"We received a series of photographs showing Little Rock School District employees and equipment being used to cut down trees right next to the property of Charles Armstrong, former president of the LRSD.

Our viewer thought that seemed suspicious.

"No I'm not surprised," says Armstrong. "I saw vehicles going through...slowing down and looking so...basically the trees they cut they were dead trees endangering my property and my cars so I told them and they came and cut them down. I'm glad they cut them down."

Before we visited Armstrong we visited the Pulaski County Assessors Office and were shown a map showing Armstrong's home and a large wooded area next to his property...undeveloped land just south of Romine elementary school.

That land next to the elementary school...and bordering Armstrong's owned by the Little Rock School District.

Armstrong says the district is wise to take down threatening trees before they fall and damage private property.

If any more trees next to his home die, he hopes the district would agree to cut them down too.

"If they don't then you could call Seven-On-Your-Side."

"Yeah...I could call Seven-on-Your-Side," agrees Armstrong. "You're right Jason (laughs)."

District spokesperson Pamela Smith says the same consideration given to Armstrong would be given to any citizen who has concerns about a tree on school district property threatening their private property.

Air date: April 26th, 2013