Swimming Pool Samaritan

Swimming pools have been popular places this week in Arkansas.

Tonight we have a follow-up report from our Seven-On-Your-Side office about a shady swimming pool repair job from last summer.

Carolyn Smith's pool will soon be a crystal clear, enticing blue.

It's not there yet...but it is a long way from where it was six months ago.

Eager to get her pool up and running, Smith used water from her neighbor's well to help fill it up this week.

"But his well had a lot of iron in it," says Jim Martin with Martin Pools in Sherwood. "A lot of iron in it. And then it all settled and I vacuumed it up and had a pretty pool. And then when I shocked it turned green because it has got so much metal in the water."

Jim Martin has been making a lot of trips from his Sherwood business across the county to work on this pool after seeing Carolyn profiled in a Seven-On-Your-Side report in December.

Last summer Carolyn hired this man...Charles Steven repair her pool's liner.

She paid him over $1,000 only to never see him again.

Since then Martin has been arrested twice on drug Carolyn is pretty sure where her money went.

Steven Martin not only tore up her pool, Smith says he stole some of her pool's equipment.

Jim Martin has replaced what was missing and has repaired her pool's lining...all for free.

"She sounded real happy about it," says Martin. "I is the best if you can get it."

"I tell ya they have been so nice about this whole thing," says Smith. "It turned out to be a lot bigger project than he thought it was gonna be. And I am just so thankful to them. They don't know what a blessing they have been to me. Because I probably would have just had to let my pool go."

There is no relation between Jim Martin and Steven Martin but doing this job gave Jim a chance to redeem not only his industry but his last name as well.

Air date: June 14th, 2013