Talk Business & Politics: Governor's Race Polling

Channel 7 is Election Central for our viewers. As we will do throughout the 2014 campaign cycle, Talk Business & Politics in partnership with Hendrix College will continue our polling of the races and issues that will be on the ballot this year. Our latest survey, which was conducted this past Thursday and Friday, takes a look at the Arkansas Governor's race, the U.S. Senate match-up, and three potential ballot items that you may be voting on this November. We polled more than 1,000 likely Arkansas voters and the poll has a margin of error of +/- 3%. Here are the results of the governor's race from three different questions we posed.

First, a hypothetical match-up between republican Curtis Coleman, Democrat Mike Ross and the Libertarian and Green Party candidates.

Arkansas governor

30% Republican Curtis Coleman

48% Democrat Mike Ross

4% Libertarian Frank Gilbert

3% Green Candidate Joshua Drake

15% Undecided

The presumed match-up between the front-runners for the democratic and republican nominations - Mike Ross vs. Asa Hutchinson.

Arkansas Governor

43% Republican Asa Hutchinson

44% Democrat Mike Ross

3% Libertarian Frank Gilbert

2% Green Candidate Joshua Drake

8% Undecided

The last time we polled Hutchinson vs. Ross last October, Hutchinson led Ross by a 41-37% margin with 22% undecided, so you can see where that race has moved in the last six months.

You can read more analysis on these results at our web site talk Coming up tomorrow on Ch. 7 and on our web site, we'll reveal the latest poll results from the U.S. Senate race - Mark Pryor vs. Tom Cotton. Later in the week, we'll unveil voter attitudes on raising the minimum wage, medical marijuana, and a legislative-referred ethics and term limits amendment.

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