Talk Business: U.S. Senate Race Polling

Incumbent Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Pryor holds a small three-point lead over his Republican rival, Congressman Tom Cotton, in the latest Talk Business/Hendrix College Poll.{}

45.5% (D) Mark Pryor

42.5% (R) Tom Cotton

2%{}{}{}{}{} (L) Nathan LaFrance

2%{}{}{}{}{} (G){}Mark Swaney


Focusing on Senator Pryor and Congressman Cotton and{}likely voters{}among men and women.


Among Men

48% (R) Tom Cotton

41% (D) Mark Pryor


Among Women

48%{} (D) Mark Pryor

38%{} (R) Tom Cotton


Focusing on Independent Voters

50%{} (R) Tom Cotton

34%{}{}(D){} Mark Pryor


{}David Ray, with the Cotton campaign, responded with a statement saying, "We've always known this race would be strongly contested. As voters learn more about Senator Pryor's record of voting 95% with President Obama, they'll choose to elect a common sense Arkansas leader like Tom Cotton who will oppose Obamacare and help get America back to work."

{}Jeff Weaver, with the Pryor campaign also released a statement, saying, "It's clearer than ever that Arkansans aren't sold on Congressman Cotton and his irresponsible votes to privatize Medicare and gut Social Security. Folks here want a senator with Mark's record of working with Republicans and Democrats to cut spending in{}a responsible way, while looking out for our seniors, students, and working families. Our state deserves better than Tom Cotton's history of putting his political ambitions ahead of what's best for Arkansas families."

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