Teacher accused for sexual assault weeks into first job, now charged

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- Just a couple of weeksinto starting his career, a Little Rock teacher was accused of sexualassaulting a student during a lunch break.

Channel Seven learned Mondaythat 24-year-old Joshua Cameron was only on the job a few weeks into 2013-2014school year as a teacher at Little Rock's eStem Charter School, when a femalestudent accused him of sexual assault.

It was Cameron's firstteaching job out of college, and if what the student said is true, it could behis last.

In August of this schoolyear, a student claimed Cameron placed his hands down her pants at lunch break,according to the police report filed. Cameron resigned from his high school Englishteaching position just a couple of weeks later.

Friday, he was arrestedand charged with sexual assault for the incident.

"Anytime we havethis type of an allegation it really does, I mean it's hard to deal with," saidJohn Bacon, CEO of eStem Charter School.

Bacon said the schoolimmediately contacted the sexual abuse hotline after learning of theaccusations, but said this is a case of unfortunately not knowing the realtruth.

"Obviously in thissituation we have two sides to the story. We don't know what happened, thereweren't any other witnesses and so I'm sure this will play out in the court systemthe way it should," Bacon continued.

We spoke to CameronMonday and he referred me to his attorney while maintaining innocence.

Cameron is represented byJeff Rosenzweig of Little Rock, who said in a statement to Channel Seven: "The charges are unfounded. They arenot true. If the prosecutor files charges in circuit court there will be a jurytrial. We believe a jury will find it's not true."

As of Monday those chargeshad not been officially charged in circuit court, but Cameron is due back incourt for a call-back in the coming months.