Teacher convicted of rape up for parole, victim speaks at hearing

(KATV) LITTLE ROCK - A man convicted of rapinghis third grade student more than a decade ago is up for early parole fromprison.{}

Brian Floss' 15 yearsentence will be complete in 4 years. The victim's mother has stood before theparole board every year and read a letter from her daughter asking that flossserve his full term. Wednesday, Brittney Humphrey represented herself for thefirst time.

Tammy Harper said, "Iwould like to introduce to you to a very courageous young lady, my daughterBrittney Humphrey."

Brittney was molesteddaily, raped by her third grade teacher, Brian Floss at Wallace Elementary in Fordyce.

Brittney told the paroleboard she is a normal 20 year old junior in college but has flashbacks everydayof being told she was being loved while he was touching her. "Although Brianhas affected my life tremendously, I have chosen to not let it control mylife."

She is studying to becomea counselor, to help others like her. Brittney explained she wants to prevent Flossfrom hurting more kids. "With all my heart, I do not want anyone or theirfamily to have to go through what I have. I have fears of Brian Floss gettingout of jail and hurting me or my family again. One of my biggest fears is himhurting another child."

Brittney's family knows BrianFloss will be released one day, they just don't want that day to be because ofearly parole.

Her mom, Tammy Harperadds, "Fifteen years wasn't near enough for what Brian Floss did and I plan onbeing here every year to see that he stays behind bars."

Channel Seven will let youknow when the parole board reaches their decision. They have already heard fromBrian Floss. Channel Seven reached out to him for a comment but he denied the request.

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