Team Clean Complaint


For any business owner, problems are inevitable. It's how those problems are handled that separates one company from another.

One Little Rock man doesn't like the way his problem is being handled, so he called Seven-On-Your-Side.

Kenton Byrd is definitely suffering from a case of car wash blues after trusting his new sports car to one of the newest car washes in town.

Byrd has been driving this 2014 Nissan 370Z Sport for less than two weeks.

It's his new baby...the latest ride for an admitted sports car enthusiast.

"I take great pride in the ownership and the maintenance of my cars," says Byrd. "And I am extremely disappointed."

Disappointed after a trip through the Team Clean car wash at Asher and University.

Byrd says he paid $14.00 for a car wash with a hot lava wax and tire shine.

"I got the car home to dry it off and I noticed that the hood had zig zag scratch lines along with the glass and part of the roof," recalls Byrd.

Although a damage report was filled out and a police report was filed, Byrd says ultimately Team Clean told him the car wash is not responsible and will not pay.

Byrd says the new imperfections in his car's pristine pearl white paint job are obvious to him, even if others may have to look real close to see them and if others might think it's not that big of a deal.

"You know for someone who may be less inclined to care about paint scratches...I understand where they're coming from," says Byrd. "But I'm sure that they're passionate about something else that they would not like to see damaged at the hands of another."

We stopped by Team Clean and were told the manager had gone to the bank and would be back at 3:30. We left our phone number for him but have yet to hear back.

Byrd says he is going to have to file with his own insurance company to get his car...and it's 400 miles...back to like new.

Air date: April 15th, 2014