Team Clean Responds


With a ten year history and multiple locations across Arkansas and Tennessee, Team Clean car washes have washed millions of vehicles.

On rare occasions vehicles sustain damage. But the owner of a Little Rock location says the scratched sports car we showed you on Tuesday is not one of these rare occasions.

Although Kenton Byrd and his insurance adjuster still believe the scratches to his new car occurred right here, if you visit the car wash you will leave scratching your head as to how it could have happened.

On Tuesday we showed you Mr. Byrd's 2014 Nissan sports car.

We also showed you the scratches Byrd says he discovered after taking his car through Team Clean car wash.

Brad Vaden not only wants you to tell you that his business did not damage Byrd's car, he wants to show you why he is confident that the scratches occurred somewhere else.

Vaden says the only thing that touches your vehicle at team clean are the rotating neoprene strips.

Vaden says these strips are similar in consistency to wet suits and cannot scratch your car. Neither can the wax or high-powered jet rinse or blow dryers.

Even if any part of the car wash could scratch your vehicle, Vaden says the marks would travel front to back...not sideways like the scratches on Byrd's car.

Team Clean issued a written statement that reads as follows:

"Team Clean Carwash has state-of-the-art equipment, designed to get a vehicle as clean as washing and waxing it by hand (our new wax applicator applies Simonize carnauba wax which is a hand wax). The equipment is also designed to guarantee a scratch free wash. The only equipment which touches the vehicle are "wraps" and "top brushes" which consist of soft, "finger-shaped" neoprene strips (scuba or wet suits are made of neoprene type material). It is impossible for neoprene to scratch a vehicle.

With multiple locations across Arkansas and Tennessee and having been in business 10 years, we have literally washed millions of cars. If we scratched vehicles and did not care about our customers, we would not have a thriving, successful, expanding business. We did not scratch Kenton Byrd's vehicle. We pointed out to him that the soft neoprene strips used in cleaning the vehicle will not scratch and even if he wanted to pretend they could scratch, the scratch on his vehicle runs sideways (from side-to-side on the hood of his car) and the only neoprene brushes that touch the hood of the car run perpendicular or top to bottom, providing even further evidence the scratch was not made by the car wash. Though we did not scratch his vehicle, because we are customer-oriented we offered to have a local body shop professionally buff the scratch, however Mr. Byrd refused our offer."

Air date: April 16th, 2014