Teen plans to sell 3.85 carat diamond found in Arkansas

The teen who snagged a 3.85carat diamond at Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park over the weekend knowsexactly what she's going to do with the gem.

Tana Clymer, 14, said sheplans to sell the diamond and use the money for college.

But the Oklahoma teenalmost didn't find the diamond at the Murfreesboro park. Tana said she had beendigging for two hours and was about to give up when something the size of ajelly bean caught her eye.

At first she was notimpressed.

"I find it and I'm likeuh that's nothing...and I walk away for a little bit," said Tana. "Then I goback and I poke it with a stick, because I think it might be a candy wrapperand I don't want to touch that. Then it is hard and then I pick it up. I thinkit is a marble. I place it in my hand and I realize it is not. So I clutch itas hard as I can and I yell 'Mom!'"

One of the employees at the park told Tanathat the jewel might be worth anywhere from $15,000 to $60,000.