Teenager spends savings on texting and driving campaign

(KATV) A Little Rock teenager is campaigning to put the brakes on the distracted driving epidemic. Gracie Stover has seen the heartache texting and driving can cause and wants to inspire teens to make a life changing choice. She started out small, with bracelets for her school, but it has turned into something much larger."

Look at the last text you sent from your phone, Is it worth dying or hurting someone else?

Gracie talks to a room full of kids, "When you're texting and driving, you're 23 times more likely to be in a crash."

It is the driving force behind Gracie Stover's campaign Survive: Don't Text and Drive. She is Miss Greater Little Rock's Outstanding Teen.

Gracie is using money she made performing in national musicals tours to buy billboards off major roadways and you have likely seen the commercial airing on Channel Seven. "I saved that money. I knew I was going to use it for something that meant a lot to me and this is something that means the world to me."

Thursday, she spoke to 4th graders at Pulaski Academy, even though they can't get behind the wheel for another 6- years. "Prevention is the key. Getting the word out to them, what to do if they're in the car with someone who is texting while driving."

She concludes, "When I see people going from texting and driving to being a safe cautious driver, it makes me feel that I am making a difference and saving lives."

The educational lesson ended with a balloon release. At the count of three, the kids let the balloons go and cheered, "Don't text and drive."

Gracie is only 15 years old and has the backing of law enforcement, hospitals, media and people who have taken the pledge. To get involved and sign the pledge, click here.