Teens and Aids

It was thirty years ago, in June of 1981, when we started to become aware of the disease we now know as AIDS. At that point, Aids became a storey we heard about on the nightly news. But, today, it isn't talked about as much, so our kids aren't as aware of the disease as teens were a generation ago. Today, 34 million people, including more than a million people in the U.S. are living with the virus that causes AIDS. Those numbers can mean that our young people are at risk. That's why health experts are zeroing in on the 13-25 year old age group. They say comprehensive sex education, connection to school, church and other community groups and really strong support from parents gives teens the background they need to avoid the risks involved in AIDS. Parents should consistently talk to their kids about values and beliefs, risks and responsibility. More than anything, they say you should find a way to show your kids that AIDS is real. Kids take notice when they see how a life is touched. They really take notice when it is someone their own age or someone they know. Experts recommend talking about AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases at an early age with your kids. They say when they hear the accurate information from you, they're less likely to believe any false information they may hear from their peers.