Teens Charged with Cruelty to Animals

(KATV) Two teenagers have been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty for allegedly killing two horses, a donkey, a cow and injuring a second cow.

A farmer in Pearcy reported his livestock was fine last time he checked on them but on October 8th, many of them were dead, shot to death. A cow shot in the horns was alive but bleeding.

The Garland County Sheriff's Department arrested a 16-year-old boy from Royal and a 17-year-old boy from Hot Springs. They were charged as juveniles with five counts of animal cruelty.

According to an investigator, the suspects bragged at school about what they did. They will be in court on November 1.

The farmer says the quarter horse was worth $3,000, a bucking stock registered cow was worth $1,500 and the other was worth $3,500. The donkey was worth $500.