Teens learn driving safety at ROADeo

The parking lot at war memorial stadium was transformed Saturday into an education event aimed at keeping teens safe on the road.

Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in Arkansas for children under 19.

That's why the injury prevention center at Arkansas Children's Hospital teamed up with the All-State Foundation for the first Teen Driving ROADeo.

"They have their license but do they have the training they need to handle a two-ton vehicle when they're on the streets?" said Susan Cohen with the ACH Injury Prevention Center. "So we think it's important that we not only give them the education but allow them to know what the implications are if they make poor choices."

At Saturday's event, the teens could look at a rear view mirror from a big rig, learn how to change a tire and even put on goggles to see what it's like to drive while intoxicated.