Termite Trouble


Having a termite policy on your home for many is required and for all provides peace of mind.

You want termite damage repaired quickly. That isn't happening for one North Little Rock church.

The termite damage was discovered during the summer. Four months later most of the damage has not been repaired...and might be undiscovered.

25 years ago the members of Calgary Baptist Church of North Little Rock needed an inspection and termite contract on the church's parsonage.

They chose Arkansas Pest Control Services.

The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

They called owner Clif Gillam recently when a contractor found evidence of termite damage.

"We tried to get him to take off one board and he said I'm not going to dissect this house to find termite damage," recalls Ken Fisher, a trustee for Calgary Baptist Church.

So Fisher and other church members have been doing the dissecting.

They found live termites, which put to rest any ideas that the damage may have predated the contract.

Gillam believes the total damage is less than $2,000. The church thinks it is much more.

Gillam is not a licensed contractor, and the city of North Little Rock requires a licensed contractor pull the necessary building permit. repairs are being done.

"As a church we don't feel good about selling property like this that has just been painted over and not fixed," says Fisher. "We just...we just don't feel good about that. We want a licensed contractor to come in and do it."

"We thought that they had moved forward with getting repairs completed," says Seth Dunlap with the State Plant Board. "And we've just kind of been in a state of hold because there has been a breakdown in the communication between them as I understand it."

The State Plant Board oversees pest control companies and contracts and is aware of this situation and is keeping an eye on things.

Air date: December 4th, 2013