Terry Lang Jones from "Point of Grace" behind the mic again

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Today her life is similar to many other Little Rock moms with three kids but she's probably the only one that can say she sold millions of albums and performed in front of sold-out arenas.

Terry Lang Jones walked away from the spotlight but is keeping the song of her life alive.

Born in California, the Lang family moved to Oklahoma when she was 13. And Ouachita Baptist University brought her to Arkansas in the early 90s.

It was OBU where she started singing with three other gals. And others started to notice how great the four sang as a quartet.

Their first paying gig... $100.

"You would have thought you had handed us a million bucks and just got signed to a record deal," said Terry. "We were like 'yes! We got a singing gig! And we just got 25 bucks... high five! I mean, we were so excited about it."

That meager beginning quickly turned into a college summer full of performing gigs. Then a record contract was signed in 1992 and their first album as Point of Grace was released in 1993.

The next decade was a bit of a whirlwind for the Point of Grace girls... Dove awards, Grammy nominations, book deals, 27 #1 singles as well as national appearances on television talk shows.

Every album went gold or platinum... which means Terry and the Point of Grace gals sold more than 6 million albums.

But living on a tour bus and traveling the nation became a lot tougher when Terry and her husband Chris started a family.

"Cole had been to all fifty states by the time he was one and half."

Terry says living on the road while trying to raise a family started to take its toll on her.

"Cole was 6, Luke was 4 and Mallory was 2. And it had been on my heart for a couple of years honestly. I mean, I just wanted to have my babies and be at home and wake up in the morning and not be on a bus," said Terry.

Terry says she started to feel like on the road wasn't where she was supposed to be.

"It was just too complicated. It was too hard and I just really felt like God was just saying... 'You need to walk away.'

And... she did.

And although it felt right it wasn't easy.

"I remember Shelly asking me, you're so upset about this are you sure you want to do this? Are you sure you don't just want to stay with the group? And I was like, it's not that, it's just that I feel badly leaving y'all. I feel badly that I started all of this and feel bad that I'm walking away. I feel badly about that part but I feel so good about this other part about these people who need me."

Life became very normal for the Jones family and although she never regretted leaving Point of Grace, she did miss the creative side of music-making.

Then about two years ago, lyrics and melodies just started coming to Terry and for the first time she was writing her own songs.

Over time those songs turned into an album... I Will Speak.

Terry describes the album as honest.

"Just me being me. And it feels so good to say that."@

And although her faith has been pivotal in the creation of her music, she stops short of calling this a "Christian" album.

"I am a Christian so there's a real part of me that connects to God through my music but not every song is about God or to God. There's a song to Chris. There's a song to my kids. There's a song about raising my kids. There's a song about family. It's just my life on a record."

And after experiencing huge success in the music industry, this time around it's just about sharing her life through song, in hopes of having an impact on those who hear it.

"For me personally? I just needed to do it. So whatever happens with it... happens."

Point of Grace is still making music as a trio with one of the original members still with the group.

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