UPDATE: Prosecution rests after one day of testimony in Hastings trial

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - Testimony officially started in the manslaughter retrial of a former Little Rock police officer, and the prosecuted rested by the end of the day.

Both legal teams gave their opening statements starting at 9:00 a.m. and then prosecutors started calling their witnesses.

The prosecution called 10 witnesses total including Little Rock Police Department officers, Arkansas State Crime Lab Examiner, and the two teens inside the car with Bobby Moore the morning of the shooting: Keante Walker and Jeremiah Johnson.

Each teenager told contradicting accounts of one key component of this entire trial, and that's which direction the car was headed when Josh Hastings fired three shots at them.

Walker said the car was in reverse to the prosecution, but later told the defense it wasn't moving. Walker even admitted he lied to police on the scene, and said it was okay to lie "on certain occasions."

Johnson initially said the car was going forward, but then clarified that he believed it was a slow rate as if about to stop.

"You know there's a conflict between the two, one says backwards one says forward. Today, I think there were some efforts to clean that up, but I don't think it worked," James added.

"I think the jury saw what was going on."

Things took a turn after the jury left for a lunch recess, when Judge Wendell Griffen announced he's holding the defense attorney James in contempt of court for making a proposal about evidence at the judge's bench while the jury was present.

This proffer included asking about evidence the court already rule inadmissible in this trial.

"I did something court didn't like. I don't think I did anything wrong and that'll be dealt with in due time," James said shortly after Griffen announced his decision.

The defense will begin its testimony Wednesday morning at 9 am.

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