The $8,700 Leaking Roof

We have enjoyed a beautiful day today and there is no rain in the forecast until at least Friday.

That is good news for James Nelsonbecause his roof leaks.

Which is made even more maddening by how much Nelson paid for a new roof.

How much?


That is almost $1,000 over the initial estimate and nearly twice as much as two other companies would have charged.

We asked Eric Thomas to take a look at the new roof put on the home at 18 Southern Oaks Drive in Little Rock.

Thomas operates Thomas Roofing and Restoration.

"It's a pretty standard job," says Thomas of the one-level, 2,100 square foot home. "It should run roughly $5,000 for a quality job."

"What would that includethe $5,000?"

"Tearing off the old roof, tearing off the old felt, replacing any bad decking," explains Thomas. "Replacing all whirlybirds, replacing all pipe flashings, basically a new roof from the ground up."

Thomas says despite the high price charged by Sydney Pansy, much of that was not done.

And homeowner James Nelson might be O.K. with thatif his roof didn't leak.

"Water just runs in the house," says Nelson. "I got bucketsbig containers in there to catch the water and pour it out after the rain. I got 'em in there now. I can show you."

And Nelson did show us.

He is concerned about damage. He is concerned about mold. He says Sydney Pansy came back one time but failed to stop the leak.

"What would you like Mr. Pansy to do to make this situation better?"

"Reimburse me a portion of my money," answers Nelson. "I know he worked up there. I don't intend to take nothing from nobody but I don't intend for nobody to take nothing from me. What we need is a roof on the house. Everything we own is under this roof. And he did not replace it."

"I think he got ripped off," states Thomas.

We have not been able to reach Sydney Pansy today despite leaving a message and visiting his home.

Mr. Nelson says he needs $4,000 dollars backless than half of what he paidso he can hire somebody else to do the job right.

Air date: Sept. 19th, 2012