The anti-diet weight loss plan

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - It's being called the "anti-diet."

If you watch Dr. Oz, you've probably heard of "The Plan." The author of the book is Lyn-Genet Recitas. She says the answer to what you can eat depends on your body.

Dr. Oz says your weight is your chemical reaction to food. So you have to cleanse your body and start over to learn what foods you're reactive to. You will lose up to five pounds during the three day cleanse.

The first part of The Plan is grocery shopping. The most challenging items to find are dandelion root tea and kale. Try a natural foods market.

But first, you have to drink half your weight in ounces of water. Say you weigh 120 pounds, divide that in half. That comes out to 60. Divide that by 8 (because eight is the amount of ounces of water in a glass.) That comes out to needing 7 and a half glasses a day.

This is your meal plan for the next three days:

Breakfast - flax granola with blueberry's and milk.

At any point during the day, eat an apple and drink dandelion tea. It helps to detoxify your liver.

Lunch - eat a soup and salad

Dinner - make kale stew and a carrot with beet salad

The third day you can make chicken for dinner.

It might not sound like a lot but it makes up 2,000 calories a day.

Through all this, don't exercise! Your body is repairing itself, working out will slow the process by increasing your stress hormone levels. If you like to go for a walk, that will not hurt the progress you've made.

On day three, the weigh in. Compare your weight before you started.

After the cleanse, your body becomes very sensitive. What you do next is add one food every other day. That way, on the off day you will know if it's reactive to your body. Some signs are feeling gassy, bloated or gaining up to two pounds in a day. Then you'll know to drop that food from your diet.

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