Local moms share the benefits of placenta pills

Having a baby can be a wonderful experience but it can also be a very difficult time for new moms. That's why some moms are now turning to placenta pills to help them be the best moms they can be.

Birth by Design in Conway offers women all kinds of services when it comes to the birth of their children.

One of those is placenta encapsulation.

"It is the life support, the sustainer for that pregnancy. And it feeds and nourishes and oxygenates your baby," said{}Nicolle Fletcher, owner and director of Birth by Design Doula Services and a placenta encapsulation specialist. "And has plenty of hormonal benefits for mom to ingest later."

The placenta encapsulation specialists are trained in turning the organ into capsules that look similar to herbal supplements.

And yes, they are very aware of how strange that sounds.

"I{}had read it on blogs and i thought that it was really weird. I really did. And i didn't encapsulate with my first. It was available but i just couldn't quite handle it. And then just being around more moms who had done it and hearing story after story of how wonderful it was, i thought okay, i've got to try it," said Megan Dickerson a mother of two and a plecenta encapsulation specialist at Birth by Design.

And she did.

"It was amazing," said Dickerson.{}"My husband will tell you, it made a huge difference."

The benefits for moms that have done it, include helping them with a lot of common struggles for many new moms.

"My milk came in faster and better, i had more energy, and i don't think i had the same experience with baby blues that i did the first time around," said Dickerson.

Maciel Dotson, an encapsulation specialist at Birth by Design,{}also thought it sounded crazy at first.

"I{}thought it was different. We weren't really a "hippy" family so i don't really know."

But after doing some research, she tried it. And her military husband is now her biggest supporter.

"For nine months you've had time to build up the supply of hormones in your body and then all of a sudden after birth, they're all gone with that placenta and you don't have time to wean yourself off of it. Now you're getting those small doses back into your body, feeling better, and it got to the point where i was fun but then i'd start getting weepy by the end of the day and my husband would say you need to take your placenta pills," said Dotson.

In fact, these women say they have never heard a mom, or dad, say that it didn't work for them.

"There's not a whole lot of research out there but there's a whole lot of moms out there saying that this works and it was something that helped them," said Dotson.

"These women are not uneducated, crazy ladies. They are women that are concerned about their health, the health of their children, their research, they study. They're learned women and they want something different," said Fletcher.

Thr{}encapsulation process is not{}FDA approved or even regulated which is why most doctors don't feel comfortable saying whether they are for or against it and leave it up to the moms.

UNLV is doing the first extensive research on the benefits of these capsules and that should be released in May.

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