The Face Place: Chemical Peels

Skin care experts often use chemical peels for patients who want to improve the texture of their skin. A chemical peel smooths the texture by removing damaged outer layers. {}The procedure can be done anytime during the year, but Stephanie Hobbs from the Face Place recommends to her patients that they concentrate on resurfacing and recondition {}doing during the colder months because clients are not out in the sun as much.

"People tend to have a little more time off during this time and can use that depending on how deep we go or if they need recovery," Hobbs says.

Hobbs says anyone is a candidate for a chemical peel. "It can go anywhere from correcting sunspots on the skin, blemishes that aren't healing, help correct breakout skin and even get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. There is a chemical treatment that can work for every single person."

Chemical peels can be painful. Hobbs says patients can feel anything from a mild tingling sensation to being very uncomfortable, depending on the depth. {}Chemical peel is most commonly performed for cosmetic reasons -- to enhance your appearance and your self confidence. {}Hobbs says it can start as low as $80 and go up depending on the procedure.