The forgotten neighborhood: Residents still waiting for response from Exxon

MAYFLOWER (KATV) - When the Pegasus pipeline ruptured in the North Woods subdivision and crews rushed to contain it in a cove of Lake Conway those residents expected Exxon to come knocking on their doors. Now, a month later, they say the oil company hasn't even acknowledged them.

"They haven't contacted us at all and we're obviously a big problem for them or they wouldn't be here," said Danni Wilson, a homeowner near the cove.

According to Wilson, Exxon crews have been here everyday for the last month cleaning up the other end of the oil spill and blocking off the area at times.

"They said, 'well, we're not letting anyone come down here,' and I said 'who's not,' and he said 'Exxon,' and I said, 'well, sir, I live here," said Wilson.

Dozens of workers drive up to this cul-de-sac everyday in trucks and heavy machinery digging and setting down more booms.

"Where were all these people when that 65-year-old pipeline needed maintaining?," said Wilson.

But the problem isn't just that crews have set up shop in their neighborhood but that, unlike the North Woods subdivision, Wilson says Exxon's never reached out to them

"Nobody came to tell us anything," said Bryan Wilson, Dani's husband. "No, nobody came and told us anything."

"They're also worried about their property value," said Bryan Wilson.

But even though they've invaded{}their neighborhood and the{}Wilsons have yet to hear from Exxon they only want one thing.

"I want them to take responsibility for what has happened here. That this neighborhood is here," said{}Dani Wilson.{}"They use the road they use the neighborhood they use everything here and don't even acknowledge that we exist."