The High Cost of Higher Education

The University of Arkansas system announced it's raising tuition rates between 3.5% and 6% at schools around the state. Arkansas State University and Arkansas Tech have announced similar price increases. Jacksonville High School graduation coach, Paige Viger, says she works with parents and students every day, searching for scholarships and other ways to pay for college. Viger says in recent years, she's noticed the scholarship money dries up much earlier on in the school year, and some scholarship funds have run out of money all together. Viger says the increasing cost of tuition coupled with higher entrance standards has made getting into college tougher than ever. Her best advice is for juniors to begin hunting for scholarships and grants this summer - getting them ready to apply and giving them a better chance this fall."First semester of their senior year is really a deciding semester for them. That's when they need to apply to college. That's when they need to apply for scholarships. If you wait until the spring, that money has already been awarded," advised Virger.Virger says another trend she's seen due to tuition costs is more students expressing interest in vocational schools and junior colleges.