The Kindergarten of Today

The kindergarten of today isn't what it was 10, even 20 years ago. If your child is heading off to kindergarten, you'll need to know they'll need to be prepared to keep up with an advancing curriculum. In most kindergarten classes, math, science, foreign language and technology are being taught. Kindergarten used to be a sweet classroom experience where children learned their letters and took naps. Now, students are learning about compound words, homophones, addition and subtraction. Some educators disagree about how hard young children should be pushed. Many teachers say the advanced learning isn't a problem. They say kindergarten is an exciting time for kids and they embrace learning in their new environment. Other teachers say pushing students ahead robs children of their childhood. They say teachers should teach kindergartners with a play-type approach. As for what is right for your child, experts say you should look at several different types of kindergarten programs to select the style that best fits your family.