The Perfect Body Peel, 4/15/13


      What you'll need:

      dry brush ( optional)

      aspirin paste ({}3 aspirin dissolved inwater- just enough to make a paste consistency)

      1/2 {}cup of Greek yogurt

      1 cup of pumpkin puree (canned is fine)

      olive oil


      On a cleansed back or decollate,

      take a dry brush and brush the skin in circularmotions- then begin the peel.


      Take the aspirin paste and apply it to theback{}or decollate (focusing more on troubled areas)

      Let dry for 5 minutes

      Apply the Greek yogurt and{}let itsit{}for 5 minutes

      Apply the pumpkin and let sit for 5 minutes

      Rinse and apply olive oil as your moisturizer


      For best results- do this once every week to twoweeks- depending on skin sensitivity.