The royal family visits Graceland

Memphis (KATV)-Several members of Britain's royal family including Prince William and Prince Harry visited the king of rock and roll's Memphis mansion Graceland, Friday. The group was photographed from a distance wearing sunglasses mimicking Elvis Presley.The brothers, along with Princess Beatrice and Princess Euginie of York are visiting the southern town, only a short drive from Little Rock, for close friend Guy Pelly's wedding.{}The wedding will take place at the Memphis Hunt and Polo Club on Saturday.{}Angela Clark, a visitor from England told Channel 7 News she couldn't believe the royal family was there for her visit."Well I think it's fabulous. Fabulous. Couldn't have come at a better time really," Clark said.Tillie Shelton, from Memphis, waited two hours to catch a glimpse of the princes enter the mansion.{}"I just wish they would have waved. That would have been the topping. But just the excitement. Just to be here, the atmosphere. But the royal family. Oh my gosh i'm still nervous and excited. Yes it's awesome," Shelton said.{}