Missing teen's brother speaks out

WALNUT RIDGE (KATV) - Investigators in Lawrence County extended their search for missing 14-year-old Sidney Randall Wednesday.

The Walnut Ridge 8th grader disappeared Saturday night and the only suspect in the case died Monday when he reportedly killed himself.

"I'm glad he took himself out," said Sidney's brother Ben Randall, "because if he didn't, I would have."

On Wednesday, trained dogs walked the area where Sidney's stepfather, John Cornell, was found dead. Detectives have said they believe he killed himself but the state medical examiner has not yet released the findings of his autopsy.

In the meantime, Ben and nearly 100 others have channeled their emotions into finding his sister. He said he knows it won't be easy. There's a lot of ground to cover and the terrain is rough but even five nights after Sidney disappeared, Ben still hoped that something may catch his eye as he looks for her.

"Any type of clothing that she was wearing; if possible, like a body bag. If that's what we come across, that's what we come across."

Searchers moved their efforts to the west along the border of Lawrence and Sharp counties on Wednesday. That is the area where Cornell was known to hunt.

"[Cornell] probably wouldn't hide it where everybody would think to look at," said Sidney's brother Ben. "You never know with him. He's unpredictable but not stupid."

Meanwhile, back in Walnut Ridge, the high school's football field was filled with community members for a balloon launch and prayer vigil in Sidney's honor. A special flag was even flown at half staff outside the school.

Ben said it doesn't matter how long he has people helping look for Sidney - HE won't stop until he finds her.

"I don't care what it takes or how long it takes. It's my sister. I will look for her."

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