The search for Tim Buffington continues

As day five now comes to an end for the search of escaped inmate Timothy Buffington, crews continue to work around the clock to find the convicted murderer. At least six check points across Jefferson County look through every car coming out to the highway. Officers have come from around the state to help with the search of Timothy Buffington. The Arkansas Department of Corrections believes Buffington is within a 20 to 25 mile radius from the prison he escaped from. "We don't have any information that takes him away from this location," Said Shea Wilson, Spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Corrections Thursday, authorities used horseback, ATVs and bloodhounds as part of their search, but as night fell more rainy weather prevented use of the helicopter. After nearly a week of looking for Buffington, the Arkansas Department of Corrections says Buffington may look different from the pictures we've seen. Authorities believe he may have grown hair on his face or head, his skin could be sun burnt compared to the pale complexion shown in his mug shot, and surveillance footage shows that he has had time to change into civilian clothes. The Department of Corrections says they're confident they will find Buffington. If you see him, you're urged to call 911.